Find tranquility in a luxury bathroom built to pamper you. Relax into an expansive freestanding tub or step into a dual waterfall shower for the ultimate experience. Imagine the intricate tile, natural stone vanities, and curated lighting of your dreams, then let us show you the ways to bring those dreams to life.

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1. Modern Floating Cabinets

This luxurious primary bath features wall-to-wall floating vanities that accentuate the herringbone floor pattern. Unlike traditional vanities that are fixed to the floor floating cabinets visually open the space making this bathroom feel even more grand and luxurious.

2. Modern Spa Bathroom 

Update the traditional spa bathroom concept with the incorporation of bold colors, clean lines and accent lighting. 

3. The Ultimate Shower Experience

This luxury bathroom brings a spa-like oasis directly to the home with a shower room including dual shower rain-heads, a free-standing tub, and a full-length bench.  

4. Shiplap Walls

Add dimension to your bathroom with the incorporation of shiplap walls. A material that was originally used in the construction of ships now finds itself repurposed inside the home. In contrast to traditional tile walls, shiplap adds an element of warmth that has recently made this a popular design choice in bathrooms.  

5. Zen Mosaic Backsplash

Bold, mosaic wall tile makes the vanity in this bathroom the true focal point. Incorporating the same mosaic tile as an accent on the bathroom floor ties this design element into the rest of the space creating balance and unity.  

6. Luxury Indoor and Outdoor Bathrooms

Connect with nature and enjoy a serene setting whether inside or out! Incorporating a glass wall and extending the floor tile through the exterior space eliminates the boundary between the inside and outside of this California home. 

7. Picture Frame Tile in Shower

Large, dual rain-head showers have risen in popularity over recent years. Ensure this area becomes the focal point of any luxury bathroom by adding an accent such as this over-size picture frame tile. 

8. Industrial Style Sinks & Lighting

Industrial elements were once thought of as functional and lacking design. These same elements are now introduced to modern interior design as unexpected details that add interest and curiosity. The repurposed spigots in this bathroom are sure to be a topic of conversation in any home.

9. Relaxing Stand Alone Tub Feature

This bathroom features a free-standing tub, enhancing the spa-like feel of this luxurious space. The free-standing tub not only provides a luxurious bathing experience but also serves as a beautiful sculptural addition to any bathroom. 

10. Modern Farmhouse Design

Combine natural, neutral, and industrial elements to achieve the ultimate modern farmhouse bathroom. The application of the natural wood vanity against the clean lines and bold contrasting fixtures elevates the otherwise relaxed, traditional farmhouse design to one of sophistication.

11. Sculpture Style Bathroom Features

Lighting and plumbing fixtures have become pieces of artwork in modern day design. The stunning sconces and sleek faucets are the perfect finishing touch to this large bath. 

12. Luxury Clawfoot Tub

Clawfoot tubs are the original “free-standing” tub. The ornate detail on this tub lends itself to the traditional style of this bathroom.  

13. Classic Black & White Design

Clean, geometric lines with classic black and white details complete this bathroom with a style that will stand the test of time. 

14. Frameless Shower

Frameless shower doors have minimal hardware and create an open feel to this large, but narrow shower. 

15. Carrera Marble Shower & Finishes

The Carrera marble in this luxury bathroom extends from the shower throughout the surrounding walls and is easily the statement of this large primary bath. In contrast to the busy and unpredictable vein of the natural stone, the smooth floors are calming and serve as the perfect foundation for this design. 

16. The Double Shower

Vertical tile accents provide a visual division of space in this double shower. Although defined as His & Her Drying Areas, these benches are multi-purpose allowing space for relaxation, storage of soap and shampoo, or simply drying as the name suggests! 

17. Wading Pool Sink

Wading pool sinks aren’t just a luxurious aesthetic in this bathroom. The shallow nature of these sinks allows for additional storage below and is a great addition to the home.

18. Mosaic Floor Tile

Neutral finishes allow the mosaic floor tile in this bathroom to tell its story without interruption. The intricate detail in this floor tile is a true expression of the elegance this art form originates from, resulting in an enhanced, luxurious environment like no other.

19. Wet Room

Elevate your showering experience with a wet room. Although this design concept originated to accommodate the incorporation of tubs and showers in small spaces, the wet room has transitioned into a “must have” in luxurious primary bathrooms.

20. Modern Urban Luxury Bathroom Design

Combine raw elements such as this concrete countertop, and linear tile accents with clean lines to create an urban oasis. The monochromatic color scheme in this bathroom creates a soothing atmosphere.

21. Romantic Bathtub

Nothing says luxury quite like a romantic bathtub setting. Create this ambiance by incorporating warm lighting and romantic fixtures such as this chandelier anchored above the tub. 

22. Luxurious Bathroom Designs

Vaulted ceilings, feature lighting, free-standing tubs, and decorative tile are common additions in today’s luxurious primary bath designs. All four of these elements have been synchronized to create the centerpiece of this bathroom.

23. Open Shelving

Open shelving is a staple in minimalist and modern design. Incorporating open shelving into this bathroom has provided an opportunity for personal expression through the display of sculptural artwork and vases. 

24. Modern Lighting Fixtures

Back-lit mirrors and toe-kick lighting accentuates the vanity in this modern-day bathroom.

25. Clean Lines

The simplicity of clean lines on the vanity cabinets, bathroom mirrors and architectural elements are the perfect complement to the organic movements and various textures of this monochromatic marble bathroom. 


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